Our  2017 Vestry

(from left to right) Nic Ayling, McKay Mills, Jan Jacobi, Ernie Clarke, Jane Klamer (Clerk), Holly Brigham, Betsy Douglass (Senior Warden), Harrison Heil, Deanna Simanowitz, Tom Horlacher
(Junior Warden), Lucas Gredell, Joe Freund, Ian Hagemann, Linda McCoy, Dave Ott, and the Rev. Andrew John Archie

Vestry Statement on Annual Giving

The Clergy and Vestry of The Church of St. Michael & St. George affirm the importance of stewardship to the spiritual health of both the individual and the parish, and acknowledge the tithe of ten percent of annual income as the biblical standard of giving to God’s work in the world.

As Clergy and Vestry members, we have been called to provide leadership for this church community. Accordingly, each member of the Clergy and Vestry commits that our own pledge to this church will be the largest single annual gift we make. If we are not currently tithing, then we further commit to a personal program of significantly increased giving each year until we attain that goal. The Clergy and Vestry invite each CSMSG parishioner to join us in this commitment.