Timothy Chapman is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary. He has been involved with youth ministry for several years and was the CSMSG youth ministry intern for three years. In addition to three high school mission trips with CSMSG, he has been on mission trips to Bulgaria and Thailand. Timothy enjoys coffee, books, music, and living in the city. He can be reached at 314.721.1502, #4023 or by email.

The Youth PROGRAM Coordinator

Marty Chapman has been working with the Youth Ministry at CSMSG for many years. Her involvement was fueled by her wish for an inviting youth community her children could join once they graduated from CSMSG’s Children’s Sunday School program. Under Marty’s direction, the Youth Ministry has expanded manifold, and has grown to feature activities such as retreats, local and national summer mission trips, Bible studies, and much more. Marty’s favorite part of the program is witnessing youth participants mature as they progress from the sixth grade through high school. Marty can be reached at 314.721.1502, #4024 or by email.


Wilson West is currently a second year student at Covenant Theological Seminary. Before coming to St. Louis, he taught high school Bible in his hometown of Starkville, MS. Wilson also has experience serving in church youth groups and camps. He loves playing and listening to music, watching movies, and having coffee with people. He can be reached at 314.721.1502, #4053 or by email.