“There’s not a need we will face in parenting–or, for that matter, in life
–that God has not already anticipated, and provided for, in his word.”

                                                                   –Jodie Berendt

WELCOME! Parent Link is a ministry set up to support parents of all ages in raising their Christian families. It encompasses various events and learning opportunities, from small group meetings to larger family events designed to provide fellowship, support and education for parents, grandparents, godparents, teachers and all adults interested in the spiritual formation for families.”

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 Mark your calendars now forMonday, April 29th!
Please join us for an evening of fellowship and thoughtful conversation as Chris Sasser, Ministry Architects consultant, talks about Real Parenting!
Dinner will be at 5:30; program will begin at 6:00 pm.
Childcare will be available with advance reservation on the Parent Link website.

Mindful Mothers of Adult Children

This group is designed to support moms of children 18 – 25 years old who are bridging the divide between high school and adulthood. We met on March 14th and had a wonderful time meeting each other and sharing stories, connecting and reconnecting!
Our hostesses for the evening were Janet Peterson and Jeri Lynn Palmer, our Parent Link College and Beyond Liaisons, and mothers of college age and beyond college age young adults who are hoping to find a community of friends to share the joys and pain of raising young adults and letting them go.
The next meeting of this group will be in June and all mothers of 18-25 year olds are welcome to attend! Date TBA.


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