CSMSG Parent Ministry Recommendations  Report by Chris Sasser, Ministry Architects Consultant, May 2017


WELCOME! Parent Link is a ministry set up to support parents of all ages in raising their Christian families. It encompasses various events and learning opportunities, from small group meetings to larger family events designed to provide fellowship, support and education for parents, godparents, teachers and all adults interested in the spiritual formation for families.

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Parent Link Seminar: “Character Matters!” with Susan Alexander Yates -Register HERE
Sunday, February 25
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
A light lunch will be served

Faithful Generations Adult Sunday School

Class Topics & Resources    This adult Sunday School class meets each Sunday from 10:30-11:00 AM in the Wydown Meeting Room (adjacent to the Library, just across from the Taylor Room) to discuss aspects of raising a Christian family in today’s culture. All interested adults are welcome!

Please see the Faithful Generations Resource page under the Parent Link on our CSMSG website for a listing of the topics and links to the various articles, podcasts and books referred to in this class.

New Resources:

Books: Amazon list of books for teens dealing with prejudice

It’s Just a Phase

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