Parent Link Seminar: “Character Matters: Raising Kids with Values that Last!” with Susan Alexander Yates   Register HERE
Sunday, February 25
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
A light lunch will be served

It’s hard to be a parent. It’s really tough in today’s culture with so many values: the best education, material possessions, health, social status and significance. Our kids are pulled in every direction. And we are too. How do we decide what is really important in life? How do we raise kids with integrity, compassion, self discipline, a servant’s heart and courage when we fall so short ourselves? Character isn’t something we achieve and then zap our kids with. Instead it’s a lifetime of growing- both for us parents and for our children. Come hear Susan Yates speak on the very practical ways we can grow together as a family, in the most important character traits.

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Faithful Generations Adult Sunday School
Sundays from 10:30-11:00 AM
in the Wydown Meeting Room (adjacent to the Library, just across from the Taylor Room)

This adult Sunday School class meets each to discuss aspects of raising a Christian family in today’s culture. All interested adults are welcome!

Please see the Faithful Generations Resource  for a listing of the topics and links to the various articles, podcasts and books