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St. Michael School Admissions

The St. Michael School of Clayton (SMSOC) delivers an integrated, experiential education that enables students to attend their secondary schools of choice with confidence, character, citizenship and a love of learning.

To that end, our environment is highly collaborative and cultivates a diverse student population, an innovative faculty, and meaningful partnerships with parents and children.

SMSOC is appreciated for a well-rounded set of attributes:

Nationally Recognized as a School of Innovation and Excellence
One of the nation’s top experiential education programs – having been visited by more than 5,000 educators (and counting) to witness and benchmark our unique approach and superb results
Integrated curriculum that also connects subjects, teachers and students through the use of one yearly “Hub Topic” applied across all grades and curriculum
Personalized teaching that challenges students of every learning style
Warm, welcoming and diverse culture
Spanish and Physical Education taught daily for all students