Father Andrew and Senior Warden Betsy Douglass have commissioned a strategic planning committee to explore how our Church can remain strong and grow even stronger over the next five years. Our work is going well, but we cannot stand still!

The committee, called FaithfullyForward, is comprised of the following vestry-nominated parishioners: Patrick Akins, Nic Ayling, Laurie Brown, Anne Davidson, Kate Harris, Jim Holbrook, Tracee Holmes, Tom Horlacher, Gayle Jackson, John Koykka, Stephanie Nash, Sam Panke, Terese Portell, Nancy Reynolds, Patience Schock, Joe Sheehan, and John Tyler.

The Faithfully Forward committee is now focusing on four key areas:

  1. observing what other churches are doing, both locally and nationally, for good ideas that could apply to us,
  2. talking with internal church staff and lay leaders for their opinions and ideas,
  3. planning for focus groups and a parish-wide survey to take place over the next several months, and
  4. considering the best ways to communicate with everyone in the parish on an ongoing basis, so that everyone is informed, in touch, and excited about what’s going on here.

We anticipate that the planning will take a year, with a full report presented to the Vestry and the congregation upon its conclusion.

FaithfullyForward wants your input, ideas, and questions, so please see one of the committee members listed above or email us at CSMSGstratplan@gmail.com anytime.