The Faithfully Forward strategic planning committee is in the final stages of our work, and should be wrapped up by the annual parish meeting on Sunday, January 19, with a full report to the Vestry at their February Vestry retreat.

To date, we have done the following:

•    conducted an internal review of the church functions, interviewing the staff and many lay leaders interviewed churches around the country to benchmark our church as well as to discover best practices from others
•    conducted seven focus groups among almost 100 parishioners over the summer
•    conducted a parish-wide survey this Fall, with 231 completed surveys turned in (well ahead of our goal of 200 completed surveys)

This ingathering of data and facts led us to expand the committee and to break into six sub-committees, as follows:

•   Operations: to look for ways to organize more efficiently, as well as to upgrade certain current practices
•   Church + School: to increase our connectivity as well as to better explain the school’s role
•   Stewardship: from the survey, over 70% of parishioners know the church is underfunded, and we need a plan to help support the church’s mission more fully
•   Community Development: a majority of parishioners feel that we can make a bigger impact locally, so we are exploring how best to do that
•   Parishioner Engagement: more adult education, bible studies, singles groups, social events etc.
•   Communications: to develop a more concerted effort across all media to keep parishioners better informed and to motivate them to get involved

The final report of the strategic plan will focus on these six areas.

The committee is comprised of:

Patience Schock
Laurie Brown
Tom Horlacher
Hillary Gredell
Nic Ayling
Marianna Deal
Frankie Eichenberger
Jim Holbrook
Joe Freund
Jennifer McGrath
Joe Sheehan
Patrick Akins
Ian Hageman
Gayle Jackson
Tracee Holmes
Laura Lambrix
Alexis Posnowski
Sam Panke
Anne Davidson
Kate Harris
John Koykka
Terese Portel
Nancy Reynolds
Angela Pompian

Importantly, we have not changed the church’s vision/mission:
Vision: The Church of St Michael & St George transforms lives through Christ
Mission: Live Christ’s life into the world through the Anglican traditions of worshipping God with reverence, joy, and awe; serving and caring for our community; and leading spiritual formation for all ages

Please pray for this group as we complete the strategic recommendations.

If you have questions or comments, please see one of us, or email us at