Women’s Spring Retreat
March 18-19, 2022
at Mercy Center

Coming of Age at Any Stage: The Maid, the Mother, and the Crone in Folklore, Myth, Sacred Story- and in Ourselves.

A Women’s retreat led by the Rev. Joanne Epply-Schmidt, Episcopal Priest and Professional Storyteller.

“It is my conviction that we women carry within ourselves aspects of the three ages of womankind traditionally found in Literature, Folklore, Sacred Scriptures, and Oral Tradition: the Young Innocent, the Productive Adult, the Wise Elder. And we carry them to varying degrees at all times, no matter our chronological age. As we make our way through the retreat we will reflect upon and respond to the stories told through conversation, art, writing, movement, and prayer. The rich imagery of stories, their plots, predicaments, senses of humor, and vibrancy of character can offer us many points of entry into self-understanding. By the end of the retreat, each of us will have assembled a unique cast of characters who will help us know ourselves more deeply, serve as inspirations, companions, and wise guides as we go forth and make our way in our own lives stories.”

Retreat Leader

Joanne was baptized at ECP while an undergraduate at Princeton University (’82). Prior to joining the staff at Trinity, Joanne served for many years as both a long and short-term supply priest to over 40 parishes in the Diocese. She served for 11 years as a priest at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Pennington, NJ before joining the staff of Storytelling Arts of Princeton, a non-profit literacy and arts program.

Joanne has an abiding commitment to pastoral ministry in and reform of the justice system. For over a decade, she has shared the art of storytelling with adolescent males in the NJ Juvenile Justice System.

In the Diocese of New Jersey, she chairs the Campus Ministry Commission and serves as vice president of the Campus Ministry Foundation.

Joanne continues to be devoted to the traditional art of storytelling, teaching workshops, and leading conferences in the US and Canada.