September Marty’s Quick Tips

How to Discuss Suicide with Your Adolescents” with Brian and Dale Kuhn

Parenting Teenagers in the Digital Age

“Understanding Yourself as a Parent” with Brian Kuhn

Understanding Yourself as a Parent from CSMSG on Vimeo.

Parent Link Kickoff Presentation

“Longing to Belong” from Adolesence to Adulthood Video
with The Rev. Amy Bertschausen

“BAGS: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Shed Emotional Baggage”

Chris Sasser, Pastor of Family Ministries at Port City Church and our Parent Link consultant, shares how we might help our children SHED the emotional baggage that may be weighing them down. This talk was hosted by the Parent Link on April 30, 2018.


 “Character Matters: Raising Kids with Values that Last!” with Susan Alexander Yates

It’s hard to be a parent. It’s really tough in today’s culture with so many values: the best education, material possessions, health, social status and significance. Our kids are pulled in every direction. And we are too. How do we decide what is really important in life? How do we raise kids with integrity, compassion, self discipline, a servant’s heart and courage when we fall so short ourselves? Character isn’t something we achieve and then zap our kids with. Instead it’s a lifetime of growing- both for us parents and for our children.

Recent articles by Susan Yates  Ok, I’m Really Mad

“Building a Healthy Family System”
with the Rev. Dale Kuhn, LCSW
October 10, 2017

Download hand outs:  Kuhn Building a Health Family System

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lisa-miller-spiritual child

Spirituality: The Key to Raising Thriving Teenagers
with Dr. Lisa Miller
How can parents today best facilitate health and lifelong thriving in their children? The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller discusses the latest research showing how essential spiritual formation is to our children’s mental and physical health. The book is available on Amazon. Contact Marty Chapman at for more information.

View video of Dr. Miller’s October 23 lecture

(Contact Marty Chapman at for the password).


How your children’s spirituality can help them overcome some of the most common forms of suffering

Dr. Lisa Miller’s website


The Spiritual Child Chapter 1
The Spiritual Child Chapter 2
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The Spiritual Child Chapter 5
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The Spiritual Child Chapter 8
The Spiritual Child Chapter 9
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The Spiritual Child Chapter 12

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