The Youth PROGRAM Coordinator

Marty Chapman has been working with the Youth Ministry at CSMSG for many years. Her involvement was fueled by her wish for an inviting youth community her children could join once they graduated from CSMSG’s Children’s Sunday School program. Under Marty’s direction, the Youth Ministry has expanded manifold, and has grown to feature activities such as retreats, local and national summer mission trips, Bible studies, and much more. Marty’s favorite part of the program is witnessing youth participants mature as they progress from the sixth grade through high school. Marty can be reached at 314.721.1502, #4024 or by email.


Jess Speropulos is originally from east Tennessee and has been married to Fr. Peter for 10 years. They have two daughters: Lucy Pearl and Sylvie Rose. She worked with Young Life from 2002-2012 before moving to St. Louis, where she worked for Covenant Theological Seminary’s counseling department. She is currently working on a Master of Arts in Counseling at Covenant. She loves to sing, and she sang in a band, The Educated Guess, when in St. Louis before. She also loves to read novels and biographies and is a slightly obsessive fan of Harry Potter. Jess can be reached at 314.721.1502, #4053 or by email.