Middle School Mission Week

June 3-7, 2019, here in St. Louis

Middle School Mission Week 2019 will continue the tradition of serving the St. Louis area through volunteering with several non-profit organizations. In the afternoons, we deepen our faith with study and build or craft something to be given to a worthy cause. Students get to build relationships with new friends and enjoy seeing new parts of our city and understanding the lives of those in need. This is open to all students currently in 5th-8th grade. Click here to register!

High School Mission Trip

July 5-13, 2019, to Worthington, MN

Our 2019 HS Mission Team will head to Worthington, MN, to perform housing repairs with Group Mission Trips. This week gives students the opportunity to get away from their usual summer activities and make a tangible difference in the life of someone who really needs it by painting houses, building porches or wheelchair ramps, or performing other housing repairs. Students spend time each day with new friends from across the country and deepening relationships with students from CSMSG. This is open to all students currently in 8th-12th grade. Click here to register!

Please join us in praying for all the students and the communities they’ll serve!