Listen to Ian Hagemann’s Testimonial

Listen to Betsy Panke’s and Linda McCoy’s Testimonial

“Looking back, honestly, it took me awhile to put the pieces together that my physical presence here needed to be followed by a financial presence. Making the leap to a yearly pledge was a powerful moment. I had to trust that God had plans for this church and God had plans to provide the resources I would need to fulfill my pledge” –Betsy Panke

“Every family will have their own formulas for pledging – intentionally dedicating our first fruits to God’s work. But stepping up with courage and faith to make the pledge is the key. Watching how God allows you to fulfill that pledge is life-changing” –Linda McCoy

Vestry Statement on Annual Giving

The Clergy and Vestry of The Church of St. Michael & St. George affirm the importance of stewardship to the spiritual health of the individual and the parish, and make the following statement: “God, You are the giver of every good gift, ever present in our lives and in the world. In turn we use your gifts to care for your creation and spread word of your kingdom.

We pray that the Holy Spirit would deliver us from the insecurity and fear about money that binds us. As leaders of this Church, we pledge to commit the first fruits of our labor to You. We acknowledge the tithe as the biblical standard of giving to Your work in the world.

We will strive to increase our giving with this goal in mind. We pray that You will increase our desire and ability to give and help others through ministry and friendship and to gratefully commit ourselves to the work You have given us to do.”