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The Flower Guild of CSMSG is a flower and gardens ministry. We grow and arrange the flowers that are presented on the Altar every Sunday to honor and glorify the mystery of the Eucharist.

We believe and teach that flowers on the altar represent impermanence – the great mystery that Jesus spoke of in the Gospels where he distinguished our impermanent beautiful complex life-limited human and bodily reality, from our greater eternal reality that is always available to us – the peace of Christ which passes all understanding. Life is impermanent, but God is eternal and permanent.

In flowers, we see beauty, complexity, a perfect response to God-given life, fullness of blooming, and short-lived fragility. In flowers, we sense our own longing for perfection and continuation –both of which are beyond our human limitations and possibilities. In flowers, we experience our hopes as well as our sufferings.

In our Flower Guild, we share a caring love for flowers, gardens, and the earth – for the beauty and fragility of each other and for God’s creation. We gather on a regular basis, create beautiful arrangements, and get to know each other through our work.

Our garden ministry is a way of extending our reach into the soil by growing our own spring, summer, and fall flowers and greens– enhancing our awareness and deepening our appreciation of life and its cycles.

Dedications and memorials for Sunday Flowers on the High Altar, St. Mary’s Chapel, and St. George’s Chapel can be arranged by contacting Debbie Fenner at

Several donors may participate on any given Sunday, and parishioners may give flowers on more than one Sunday of the year. With a contribution of $200 for a Sunday, you can give flowers at the High Altar or in St. George’s Chapel. A contribution of $100 on a Sunday allows you to give flowers for St. Mary’s Chapel.