Men’s Retreat: “Real Friendship

May 11, 2024”

When: 5 pm, May 10, 2024 – 4 pm, May 11, 2024

Led by Fr. Tom Albinson, Fr. Peter Speropulos, and  David Pickersgill.
David worked as a Priest in the Church of England for seven years, and now teaches leadership for the Barry Wehmiller organization.


In his book, Billy No Mates: How I Realized Men Have a Friendship Problem, Max Dickins cites a 2018 survey by The Economist that suggests that 23% of adults in the west ’always or often’ feel lonely. That same year, a BBC survey, the largest of its kind, found the number to be 33%. And in 2019, a YouGov survey suggested that one in five men have no close friends. A similar study by the Movember Foundation put the figure at one in three. And this was all before the isolation of the pandemic. There is the joke that Jesus’s greatest miracle was that he still had friends at the age of 33. In response, CSMSG is hosting a 2024 Men’s Retreat: “Real Friendship”.


Please join us for this 24-hour retreat of fellowship, hiking, and conversations on friendship.


Where: The Marianist Retreat Center

4000 MO-109,

Eureka, MO 63025

Cost: $175 with scholarships available