Our Vision

The Church of St. Michael & St. George transforms lives through Christ.

Our Mission

Live Christ’s life into the world through the Anglican traditions of worshiping God with reverence, joy, and awe; serving and caring for our community; and leading spiritual formation for all ages.

Our Habits

We celebrate the Anglican liturgy with excellent preaching and traditional music in a holy church setting. CSMSG is a welcoming community and a family-friendly church, uniting lifelong Episcopalians with members from other backgrounds in the beauty of our liturgy and music and the excellence of our preaching and teaching. We are a place for all sinners. We strive to improve the spiritual lives of our members through worship, education, outreach, and evangelism. We have a passionate membership serving God with our time, hearts, and money. Our church is led by clergy dedicated to the parish and accountable to the apostolic faith. Through our example, and with our clergy, we are committed to training the future leaders of the church. Our parish and school are united to offer children the finest educational and spiritual growth opportunities.