1. If you are not a current  user, click “Need a Login.” You will be sent a new account verification. You will be able to create your new password.
2. You will now have access to your personal information and parish directory.
3. If you wish to view the directory, click on “Directory.”
4. Click on “Print Family Directory” with photos. (don’t worry, it won’t print)
5. Click “View”.
6. Use “CRTL” and “+” to enlarge the photos.

We Need Your Photo!
If your photo is not online, we need one from you! Please email a family and/or individual photo to We will crop it to fit and put it in the Directory.

For those of you who would like a printed version of our Directory, please contact our receptionist at 314.721.1502.

Another wonderful feature of our online Directory is the ability to update your information. Please look over everything to make sure we are up to date!