Our children and youth are very important people at The Church of St. Michael & St. George. Through our excellent Sunday Church School programs and Youth Ministry activities, we work each week to point the way to Christ. We want to show all our students, from preschool, church school and high school, the joys and challenges that God gives us in our lives. We strive to give our students a Christian lens through which to view the world.

As parents, we’re all on this journey of trying to raise our kids in “the way they should go” and we all need help. At CSMSG, we want to partner with parents and empower them to build Christian families. The Parent Link has been created to do exactly that. There are lots of ways that we are hoping to do this and we hope you’ll be on the journey with us.

Church School
Mary Beth Tipon, Children’s Education Director, mtipton@csmsg.org

Amy Zimmerman, Associate Director of Children’s Education azimmerman@csmsg.org

Youth Ministry
Timothy Chapman, Youth Minister, timothy@csmsg.org

Jess Speropulos, Associate Youth Minister, Jess@csmsg.org

Parent Link

Marty Chapman, Parent Link Director, marty@csmsg.org