On September 10, the CSMSG members of the Brotherhood of St Andrew (https://brothersandrew.net ) met for the first of a new series of studies. We are looking at the disciplines of Prayer, Study, and Work through the lives of selected saints. Last night, in honor of our patron, we took a look at St. Michael. Our ethos is that we are learning together with each person sharing their own thoughts and questions. We enjoyed a lively discussion that explored what role the named saints have in the life of the Episcopal Church; how the Bible talks about angels and what all this means for us in our daily lives.

Ken Harper reflected that our sessions provide a great opportunity to share thoughts and questions about our faith and added that, “It is wonderful to struggle with these questions with a group who have the humility to really learn from each other”. Bruce Springer commented that, having grown up in a non-conformist church, this idea of looking at the saints was something new.

We did start with the challenge of looking at St. Michael, an angel, but in future sessions, we will look at historical characters such as St. Andrew, St. David, etc.

Next month (Thursday, October 8), why not join our discussion when our topic will be Prayer: what is it and how does that prepare us to take part in God’s work.

Contact Mike Bickel at bickel485@aol.com for Zoom information.