The Hunger Ministry provides a variety of ways to help those in need in our community.

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  • Donate food for Trinity Episcopal Food Ministry or Arthur Johnson Community Outreach.
  • Volunteer making sandwich and casseroles from 10 AM – 11 AM in the Taylor Room on the third Saturday of the month. Preparation begins at 9:30 AM. Gloves will be provided. Trinity Episcopal Food Ministry and Gateway 180 are the recipients.
  • Make a casserole at home for the Trinity Episcopal Food Ministry.
  • Make a financial donation to Hunger Ministry which will be used for sandwich and casserole supplies.  Trinity Episcopal Food Ministry, Arthur Johnson Community Community Outreach, Person to Person Street Ministry, Holy Cross Episcopal Church, and Sts. Peter & Paul Community Services will receive monetary help when donations allow.
  • Support fundraising events.



Select “Hunger Ministry” from the “fund” drop-down menu. Or, if you prefer, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.

Becky Zaccarello

Chair, Hunger Ministry

Alison Wiedle

Co-Chair, Hunger Ministry


Volunteer to Make a Difference
in the Lives of Kids in St. Louis’ Juvenile Justice System!

Have you ever wondered, “What could I do to impact the lives of kids caught up in the juvenile justice system?” This is a challenging time for many of our youth. It is also a time of great opportunity for you to make an impact as an Episcopal City Mission (ECM) volunteer. It is a life-changing experience for our children and our volunteers!

ECM is blessed with faithful supporters who pray for our kids, host birthday celebrations at the detention centers, provide care bags, and assist with events like our upcoming Moment in Time Gala on October 19. There are many other impactful volunteer opportunities! How might YOU utilize the gifts God has given you to make a difference for the children we serve?  

Give Now. Select “ECM” from the “fund” drop-down menu.  Or, if you prefer, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.

Tom Guignon

Chair, Episcopal City Mission


“A lost sheep has been found.”  Jesus rejoices over the return of a lost sheep in both Matthew and Luke. The church lost a sheep to Covid over two years ago when the Shelter Ministry had to be halted. Rejoice! The ministry is starting again but shepherds are needed to keep it alive.
If you are unfamiliar with the Shelter Ministry, it gathers early on Sunday mornings to prepare and serve at The Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter at 1000 North 19th Street to cook and serve. We need approximately 10 to 15 people–but more is better! Sign up here to help, or contact Bill Wallace at  Cooks, servers and clean-up volunteers are all essential and everyone is kept busy. Casual clothes and a friendly atmosphere make this ideal for singles, couples, families and groups of friends. No experience is needed, just a willingness to help people in need.
Come to the shelter and help feed God’s sheep.

Learn more about Gateway 180: Homelessness Reversed.

Give Now. Select “Shelter Ministry” from the “Fund” drop-down menu. Or, if you prefer, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.


With the church building closed to worship during the pandemic in 2020, some parishioners began to look outside the church for opportunities to live their faith. Education Equity was chosen and a ministry was formed. Because of a relationship with Sumner High School which began with the planting of a peace garden in November of 2019, the EEM asked to become a community partner to the school. In the fall of 2021, the ministry added a new partner—Columbia Elementary School on St. Louis Avenue near North Grand. The goal of the ministry has been to engage with these schools by being present and listening.

As needs are identified, the ministry:
Connects the school to community resources
Meets urgent needs of students and their families through donations
Advocates for changes in policy that result in education inequities

If you wish to be a part of the Education Equity Ministry, contact Mary Ann Cook, You will be added to the EEM membership list and contacted whenever a need arises. You will also learn of the successes of our school partners and receive invitations to events held at the schools.

Give Now .  Under “Giving” in “Realm” click on “Give” and select “EEM” from the dropdown menu. Or, if you prefer, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.


The World Service Mission Ministry to Nicaragua supports the Carolina de Sirker Christian School in the rural outskirts of Managua, as it has since 2000. For many years, the ministry raised money to support the school and traveled there every summer to work on the school, engage with students and enjoy the wonderful culture and people of Nicaragua. The pandemic has affected both the school and this ministry. At the school, enrollment has dropped, but classes and activities continue. At CSMSG, the ministry is on hold, with no mission trip or fundraiser currently scheduled due to the pandemic and political situation in Nicaragua. In the meantime, the ministry is providing financial support for the school with funds that were raised prior to the pandemic. It is our hope that with God’s help, we will once again be able to travel to Nicaragua.

Give to the Nicaraguan Ministry

Under “Giving” in “Realm” click on “Give” and select “Nicaragua Children’s Ministry” or “World Service Mission” from the dropdown menu. Or, if you need assistance, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.


In 1984, the Diocese of Missouri established its Commission on Dismantling Racism, charged by the National Church and Diocese to promote racial justice in the Episcopal Church. In response to Bishop Johnson’s renewed call for action and with Father Albinson’s guidance, in November 2020 the Church of St Michael and St George established its own Ministry of Racial Reconciliation.

Recognizing that racism and racial division persist throughout the St Louis region, and in recognition of our place within that region, the Ministry of Racial Reconciliation will provide spiritual guidance as we wrestle with the complexities of racism and racial division; offer classes, discussions, and other opportunities for exploring the history and ongoing effects of racism and racial division; offer multiple opportunities for direct action to alleviate the effects of persistent racism and racial division, and serve as a hub for information and communication among all ministries and activities bearing on the issue of racism and racial division. For more information, contact Harrison Hagan Heil at

Give. Under “Giving” in “Realm” click on “Give” and select “MRR” from the dropdown menu. Or, if you prefer, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.

Harrison Hagan Heils

Co-Chair, Racial Reconciliation Ministry

Harry Moppins

Co-Chair, Racial Reconciliation Ministry



The St. Michael’s Houses Ministry (St. Michael’s Houses) helps build affordable housing for low-income families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to own a home. The ministry provides financial support to and acts in partnership with a number of St. Louis area housing organizations. These organizations include Beyond Housing, Cornerstone, Doorways, Places For People, and Lydia’s House. Learn more about St. Michael’s Houses.

Give Now. Under “Giving” in “Realm” click on “Give” and select “St. Michael’s Houses” from the dropdown menu. Or, if you prefer, contact Terry Arthur at 314.721.1502, ext. 4037 or with details.

Jim Stephenson

Chair, St. Michael's Houses

Mac Moore

Co-Chair, St. Michael's Houses