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Hunger Ministry


Food Collection for The Last Days Apostolic Church

  • Peanut butter, Jelly, Canned stews, Canned meats/fish, Soup
  • Kid friendly snacks, Cereal, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup
  • Ramen noodles, Rice (White/Brown/Mixes), Pasta & Pasta Sauce,
  • Canned Vegetables (Peas, Corn, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Mixed Vegetables), Tomato Products
  • Toilet paper, Paper towels, Sanitizing items, Plastic wrap, Soap, Dish & laundry soap
Please separate food items from nonfood items.
Drop off donations at The Church of St. Michael & St. George on the Ellenwood side on Sundays from 4:00-4:30 PM.  Place in vehicles with open trunks.
Please wear masks and observe social distancing.
If you plan to bring donations, please call or text Becky Zaccarello (314.494.0788) so enough transport vehicles can be available.
  • Drivers must be over 21 and must not have a compromised immune system
  • Wearing of mask and six-foot distancing is expected.
  • Vehicles and drivers must be at Church on Sunday from 4:00-4:30 PM (Ellenwood side) with trunk open to accept donations.
  • Donors will place items in your vehicle.
  • Since it is unknown how many donations will be dropped off, your vehicle may not be needed. You may be asked to be a standby driver.
  •  You will deliver donations to Melvin Theater  (2912 Chippewa, St. Louis MO 63118) on Sunday after collecting donations. This location has the space for the church to organize the food for pickup by the recipients.
  • Stay in your vehicle when you get to Melvin Theater. Someone will unload the items when you get there.
Wish to be a driver? Contact Alison Wiedle at or 314.307.8300 or text same number.

CSMSG’s Hunger Ministry distributes food to more than 22,000 hungry people each year through local food pantries. Hunger Ministry volunteers prepare meals to be distributed to those struggling to meet their nutrition needs in the surrounding St. Louis community.


10 AM, 3rd Saturday of every month
Taylor Room/Kitchen

The Hunger Ministry meets to make sandwiches for Gateway 180 and FOCUS clients. Volunteers then assemble 150 lunch bags.


In addition to Sandwich-Making, the Hunger Ministry lives out its mission through Casserole Making for the people FOCUS and Gateway 180 serve.



Please place these food items in the Meal-a-Month closet found to the left of the Taylor Room door.

More about FOCUS and Gateway 180: Homelessness Reversed:

FOCUS provides for the needs of impoverished families, homeless persons, and those re-entering society after incarceration, addressing the whole person.

Gateway 180’s mission is to end homelessness in the St. Louis community and empower families and adults to become both independent and permanently housed.

Support the Hunger Ministry:

There’s an ever-growing need for the services of the Hunger Ministry and a matching need for additional volunteers. Will you help us? Committee members meet at 9:30 AM on the third Saturday of the month in the Taylor Room. Sandwich makers arrive at 10:00 AM.

Funds for the Hunger Ministry and its work are generated by the Soup Sale in February and the Ministry’s two Ingathering efforts every year.

Would your group, family or friends like to sponsor a Hunger Ministry Casserole Making Event?

Enjoy the time together providing delicious, nutritious casseroles for those in need.


  • Donate money to cover the cost of ingredients and supplies to make twelve casseroles. The average cost per casserole is $10. Stations will be set up in the kitchen with ingredients, directions and supplies. The kitchen and Sverdrup Room will be reserved for you.
  • Meet in the CSMSG kitchen to make the casseroles at a date and time to be determined.
  • Attendees take the casseroles home to bake. After freezing them, the casseroles are returned to the Hunger Ministry freezer by the third Saturday of the month.
  • 8 – 10 people can make twelve casseroles can be made in 60 – 75 minutes.
  • Groups may wish to bring snacks – even wine to share if desired.

Option B:

  • You provide the recipe, ingredients and label to make twelve casseroles. The casserole should include a balance of protein, carbs and veggies. Each casserole has a label stating ingredients.
  • Pans and lids would be provided.
  • Meet in the CSMSG kitchen or location of your choice to make the casseroles at a date and time to be determined. If meeting at the church, you will need to reserve the rooms.
  • Attendees bake the casseroles at home, cool and freeze them and then put them in the Hunger Ministry freezer by the third Saturday of the month.
  • Groups may wish to bring snacks – even wine to share if desired.

Looking for a meaningful gift or a way to celebrate or honor someone?

Please consider giving a monetary donation to the Hunger Ministry. This donation would be especially meaningful, as the gift recipient would know how special they are through your donation to a worthy cause, all while helping to fulfill the needs of those experiencing poverty and food insecurity in the St. Louis community. Send your monetary “gift” to the Hunger Ministry of CSMSG (6345 Wydown Blvd St. Louis, MO 63105), and please include both your name and address and the recipient’s name and address.

You will receive a notification of your donation for tax purposes.

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Becky Zacarello

Chair, Hunger MInistry

Alison Wiedle

Co-Chair, Hunger MInistry

Episcopal City Mission/Kids in Detention

Chaplain Kevin Aldridge shared the following story at the 2017 Episcopal City Mission’s Annual Meeting:

“I recently ran into a boy who had been in detention about five years ago. He is now twenty-one, and I was happy to learn that he is on the right track. He has a job. He has an apartment. And, he is soon to be married!

“When I run into kids who have made it out, I always want to know what worked for them. I want to know what enabled them to turn their lives around so that I can use that information to help the children I see in the centers every day. So, when I asked Effram this question, I was humbled to hear his answer. ‘It was the fact that you, Chaplain Dietra, and Chaplain Jeff didn’t give up on me.’ He continued to say, ‘I want to thank you for not judging me. I want to thank you for not putting us kids down.’

“God, gives us small victories! It’s for this reason that I keep going back into the juvenile detention center—helping one kid at a time!”

You, and all of your fellow parishioners who bought the Lenten devotional book, have made a difference. Hopefully the daily devotionals have made a difference in your life this Lent.

Episcopal City Mission (ECM) is a St. Louis agency that provides chaplaincy services for the ongoing spiritual needs of youth in St. Louis area juvenile detention centers. We bring the love of Christ to these kids facing a myriad of life struggles. Ministry members involved in the Episcopal City Mission/Kids in Detention provide spiritual, personal, and material support to the chaplaincy work of the larger Episcopal City Mission, primarily at the St. Louis County Detention Center. The central activity of the members of this remarkable CSMSG Ministry is to throw a series of birthday parties at the Detention Center throughout the year complete with pizza, soda, presents, games, favors, and birthday cake. These parties are hosted by volunteers from our Church and supervised by ECM agency chaplains.

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Volunteer! with Episcopal City Mission (ECM)

Tom Guignon

Chair, Episcopal City Mission

Shelter Ministry


Shelter Ministry volunteers arrive early each Sunday morning at the Gateway 180 Shelter in downtown St. Louis ready to prepare, cook, and serve a delicious breakfast to a crowd that sometimes numbers over a hundred people. In addition to cleaning up after the Sunday meal, volunteers also shop for the supplies needed to prepare breakfast and bring them to the Shelter every Sunday morning. This Ministry serves more than 4,000 community breakfasts each year. Sunday morning breakfast is the highlight of the week for many of the Shelter’s residents, as it is for many Shelter Ministry volunteers.

Volunteers Needed! We’re looking for a handful of additional dedicated volunteers who would be willing to commit to serving at the Shelter breakfast one Sunday a month: i.e., either the first, second, third, or fourth Sunday of each month. We need folks who will help with cooking, set-up, and serving breakfast from 6:15 AM to about 8:15 AM. We are also looking for volunteers to establish dishwashing crews for each Sunday from 7:30 AM -8:30 AM.

If any among you are willing to say, “Here I am”, please contact Nick Clifford at 314.224.5626 or or Laurie Brown at

Learn more about Gateway 180: Homelessness Reversed.

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St. Michael’s Houses

stephenson-with-awardThe St. Michael’s Houses Ministry (St. Michael’s Houses) helps build affordable housing for low-income families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to own a home. The ministry provides financial support to and acts in partnership with a number of St. Louis area housing organizations. These organizations include Beyond Housing, Cornerstone, Doorways, Places For People, and Lydia’s House. Learn more about St. Michael’s Houses.

Volunteer with St. Michael’s Houses

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Jim Stephenson

Chair, St. Michael's Houses

Mac Moore

Co-Chair, St. Michael's Houses

World Service Mission to Nicaragua

Give to the Nicaraguan Ministry

The World Service Mission Ministry to Nicaragua is a longstanding and dedicated ministry at Church of St. Michael & St. George, providing hands-on Christian outreach in the rural neighborhood of Nejapa in the outskirts of Managua, Nicaragua since 2000. This ministry in the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere has helped to build a medical compound and guesthouses for visiting missionaries, and more importantly, helped to build the Carolina de Sirker Christian School in Nejapa. The school is thriving, thanks in part to the financial support that our church provides on an on-going basis. Every summer, we send a team to Nicaragua for a week or two to work at the school, doing maintenance projects and engaging with the students and staff whom we have come to know so well. We also take time to visit some of the beautiful places in Nicaragua. The mission trips are a wonderful and welcome opportunity for spiritual growth, as well as a way to make a difference in a country that very much needs our support. Join us on this great spiritual adventure by supporting the school or going on our trip!

The 2020 mission trip to Nicaragua will be Monday, August 3 through Monday, August 10, 2020. For more information, please contact Jennifer McGrath at or 412-334-6398.

Nicaragua Brochure 2020